Save the Horses

the cowgirl experience

Discover the alluring tale of four Nashville gents who left the farm to chase their dreams in the vibrant city. Instead of finding themselves in the usual music scene, they stumbled upon a new kind of spotlight – one that showcases their talents in music and dance with an irresistible twist. These cowboys have traded farm chores for the glamour and seductive appeal of city entertainment.

Step into a world where country charm meets sultry allure. Welcome to the ultimate Nashville cowboy entertainment experience! Our show blends the best of Nashville’s music scene with a tantalizing twist of burlesque, creating a night you’ll never forget. Whether you’re a daring cowgirl in your favorite boots or just seeking a night of thrilling fun, we promise an experience that’s both electrifying and enchanting.

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Nashville Cowboylesque show featuring Music City Gents perfect for your bachelorette party or ladies night out. Paired with Yeehaw Party Bus you get a bachelorette discount!
Calling all Nashville cowgirls to join the best cowboy burlesque show experience with Music City Gents.

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Don't miss out on the best cowboy Nashville show entertainment in town

Secure your tickets now for a night filled with music, dance, and burlesque that’s perfect for a girls’ night out. This show is for every country girl looking to see cowboys on stage meet the city entertainment scene.

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